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Welcome to the
Learning Door

We offer customized learning plans with experienced tutors for pre-K through 12th grade. Located in St. Charles and Bartlett, IL.

"We believe in a customized plan for every one of our students to grow and flourish differently. We will never push our students through standards or curriculums. Our goal is to build confident students, both in and out of their school setting."
Meredith Hale, Owner


Our Families

"Our family has been part of The Learning Door family since 2017, and it has truly been a blessing to us. Meredith Hale and her team of amazing tutors always find the best learning techniques for each child to reach their best potential. In addition to the learning support Meredith and her team provide, they have created an incredible environment at The Learning Door that also provides each child with positive social and emotional support. Both of my children, now 11 and 7, have grown academically through the help and support The Learning Door has offered our family, but also the confidence they have helped build in them is the best reward of all. We love The Learning Door!"

- Heidi

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