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About Us

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Our Story

As an elementary teacher that turned stay-at-home mom, I decided a little side gig of tutoring would help me stay up on all best practices and provide a little bit of extra cash for my quickly growing family. I realized there was a need in our community, and my gift of educating could help further the children and families in our community.

So, in 2015, this little side gig started out of my home in Bartlett. I tutored 2 little first grade boys (that are now well into middle school). I gave them a beginning assessment to track my teaching and their growth. I made a plan that fit their personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Word of mouth from these loyal families are genuinely my greatest blessing. 

So much has changed since then. We have added another location as well as about 20 additional tutors. The one thing that has not changed is my passion to serve our community and our passion to serve our children with a customized learning plan. 


Original Location

Core Values

Here at The Learning Door, we believe in an individualized plan for every one of our students. We believe every child grows and flourishes differently. We will never push our students through standards or curriculums. Our goal is to build confident students who flourish both in and out of their school setting.

Child Safety

All of our staff is passionate about the wellbeing of every single student. It is our job to create a safe learning environment for all students to excel in.

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