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Barn Owls @TLD

Our Story

After 8 years as a public school teacher and having 2 children of my own, I began to question the options we have for our children. The brain research about child-led and nature-based education is clear; but why was it not being implemented in our society? 


In 2020 I formed a small group of children that came together 3 times a week; in the midst of the pandemic, it was clear how valuable this experience was to all involved. We would walk to the river, explore, play, cook, read, sing, laugh, and learn together. It was truly magical to watch the kids in their natural environment, having freedom and time, without pressure. They had time to make friends, experiment with ideas, learn from mistakes and develop passions. 


As my own children have grown up in this environment and watching many of the same families for over 3 years, I see the beauty in this philosophy, and how needed it is in early childhood. My mission is to bring this experience to life in the community and watch more children grow, thrive, and become amazing little people who wonder, question, problem-solve, and use creativity in their everyday lives!

Core Values



Our 3-year-old started at Barn Owls last February, only 1 day (3 hours) a week. He absolutely loved it: socializing, learning, playing, behaving, making art.


We signed him up for summer camp (2 days a week): wonderful. And a full Mon-Thu week in the Fall. Every morning, he wakes up asking if he goes to school that day.


His favorite song is "every day, I go to school, I meet my friends, I meet my friends..." Great people with a great concept!


Sara is absolutely fabulous! She is a very dedicated and creative teacher!


My children (age 3 and 5) have thrived in her program! We initially enrolled the kids with her as a safe option during covid with the plan to send the kids back to mainstream school once things normalized.


However, we have been so happy with our children’s progress that we are keeping our youngest in her program for fall 2021

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