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The Classroom @TLD

Do you wonder if there is a different way to educate your family? Is there a form of alternative education, that doesn't sacrifice academics, but also has a high priority on the well being of the entire child?

If you wonder- contact us about our Micro-school; where every student has a customized plan.


Our Story

As my oldest began her educational journey, and her siblings followed shortly after, I began to feel a wonder inside me. A wonder if there was a different option. An option that focused on the entire child and less on standards and assessments. We explored multiple options and none of them seem to fit my philosophy of individualized learning. At the beginning of 2020, with the mental health crisis rising and education being forced into remote learning as a result of the pandemic, we decided NOW was the time for us to make the jump and pull our kids home. Here inserts the birth of The Classroom, our sweet Micro-school.

This jump we made for our family wasn’t easy-it came with much fear. As we enter our 5th year, there is no doubt this is exactly what our family needed. The risk was great, but the reward has been a simple life with children that are happy, true learners of the world around them. Their brilliance is fostered and continues to make an impact in all of our lives.

The Classroom Core Values

The Classroom is a blend of ages 3 years old to 8th grade. We meet for 20 hours a week and customize a learning plan for every single one of our students. Think of a one room schoolhouse reborn and reimagined. All students are learning from each other and our private tutors challenge the students’ in both their strengths and weaknesses. We stick to core academics; reading, math, science and social studies. We meet each student where they are at. We don’t push them through standards, but we develop a love and passion to be a learner of the world and environment around them. With this foundation, we’ve had incredible success in ALL areas. We challenge them to do hard things with confidence and integrity.

Jaymie M

When I saw the excitement for school turn into anger, tears and giving up, I had to try something new. We came to the MicroSchool at TLD as a family. We came for individualized learning plans and an unbeatable student-teacher ratio. We came to breathe. 


And it changed our lives. 


My family is at peace and in love with learning. My kids are confident, curious and crushing their goals. They have become better siblings and better people. 


We made this difficult decision mid-school year 2021 and we have zero regrets. Not one. Just huge grateful hearts open and eager to learn more!

Megan M

The Classroom was a Godsend for my daughter as well as for me as her mother. Not only did my daughter get a beautiful Montessori preschool education, she was loved on each day in a way I never knew was possible at school. Her excitement for and love of learning grew stronger with the Montessori works and teachings through Meredith’s vision. 


One of the biggest blessings was having the one-room-schoolhouse feeling with the older kids reading to the littles and helping them with tasks. My daughter always talked about her ‘big-girl’ friends and how she couldn’t wait to be big-girl to help the new little kids.


I couldn’t thank the teachers and director, Meredith, enough for the foundational love of learning she blessed my daughter with!!

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